Masonic Trivia

The American flag was ordered made by Brother George Washington.
It was sewn by Betsy Ross, whose husband was a member of St. John’s Lodge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Most people are aware of the fact that the Statue of Liberty was a gift of the French people after their own republic came into existence. However, many are not aware that there is a Masonic link to the statue. Frederic Bartholdi, a Mason,
designed it and the Grand Lodge laid the cornerstone of its base with Masonic Ritual.


Mason Benjamin Franklin obtained finances and guns for the American Revolution
from leading French Masons and the French government


During the US Civil War, the Charter of Hatfield Lodge No.218 in Arkansas was hidden under a fence post in the local graveyard. Its location was forgotten until 1947 when the rotting fence posts were being replaced.


The 'World's Largest Mason' was Miles Darden, who died in Lexington, Tennessee in 1857 at the age of 58 years. He weighed over 1,000 lbs and was 7'6" in height with a 76-inch waist. It took seven men to place him in his casket.


 Andrew McNair, a Philadelphia Mason, rang the Liberty bell in Independence Hall of July 8, 1776 to call the people together to hearing the reading of the Declaration of Independence. The bell developed a crack when it was rung for the death of Chief Justice Marshall, Past Grand Master of Virginia


On his famous solo flight across the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh wore a square and compasses on his jacket as a good luck piece. He was a mason


In 1892, the tallest building in the world was the Masonic Temple at Randolph and State Streets, Chicago, IL


Dr. Edward Jenner, in 1789 discovered the vaccination process against smallpox. He was worshipful master of Faith and Friendship Lodge #270 in Berkeley, England at the time.


In July 1863, Confederate raiders rode into Versailles, IN, capturing the local militia and stealing the county treasury. The next day, General John Morgan (CSA), learned that his men had also made off with the jewels of the local lodge. They were returned the following day. Morgan was from Daviess Lodge #22, Lexington, KY.

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